Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Tortoise Crosses the Finish Line

I just finished the illustrations for my next book, The Lord's Prayer. I have been working on it for about a year. Yeah, I know. These are some of the illustrations for the end sheets inspired by images taken around the world by World Vision International photographers. I used to work on their magazine and it often broke my heart to see the pain and struggle of the children of the world.

I wanted to set the stage for my illustrations of The Lord's Prayer with these images, because this simple poem begins, "Our Father..."

early title page concept sketch

I've woven a sun motif throughout the book as metaphor for the glory of God. Why the sun? It's the biggest thing I could get a handle on. Also I was born in the desert and the sun was always up there cooking my brain. Hey, maybe that's why my favorite color is yellow. The technique was an experiment combining serigraphy with oil painting.

This book was a painful struggle because life is a painful struggle. But it was also a time of many miracles, mountain top views of the cosmos, and life changing grace.

This is the cover. See the tortoise? That's me, slow--but covered by the lion.