Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sketches Are Mini-Captures

 New website is up so YAY!  I'm currently working on my new children's picture book written by Aimee Reid, titled, Welcome to the World. Above is a sketch of me holding a grandbaby.

 While in a sketching mood...what shall I draw? How about...Susi at the computer.

 Another friend happened to sit there not aware that I was sketching her.  This kind of quick-draw makes you look closely and draw really fast!

 Often while waiting for whatever, I sketch people as they walk by. That gives me from 10 to 30 seconds to capture someone's essence.

 This guy on his way to...where?  I don't know but sometimes make up a destination for them.  Like Stanford...or his girlfriend's house....or skate park.....or off to go scuba diving?

 The bus pulls up, stops for fifteen seconds, then forces itself back into traffic. Draw fast, Obi Wan!

 This guy is at the skate park.  He has not brought his shirt, therefore he is cold. What happened to his shirt? Possible answers: robbed of shirt, he was warm in his house, he doesn't own a shirt, his shirt was made of rice paper and it rained, he gave it to someone even colder.

 A man who wears his sunglasses on the back of his neck.  Why is that?  Severe dyslexia? Eyes on the back of his head? He is an alien who didn't read all the instructions?  Yeah, that's it.. I'm pretty sure.

A good day at the skate park--job well done.  No helmet. Concussion should clear up in a couple of days.