Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chickens And Their Friends Come Home to Roost

Usually when one says, "The chickens have come home to roost," they mean that the chickens are not nice chickens. Or that the chickens have come for revenge. Or could be that the Fates are using them as ironical weapons in their war games against nearsighted humans. 

I guess it could also mean that a farmer's chickens were out free-ranging, and have returned to lay   eggs for the benefit of one and all~especially at breakfast.

But I am referring to the chickens of the mind. Those bawking thoughts that peck around the cerebral cortex looking for stray electrons, or juicy bugs. It might be some concept that we are trying to develop which lives in the tangled brain bushes. Don't you often find that a "great idea" will scratch all around because it's not sure where it lives. For me, most of these pithy poultry are stories that have made a nest in my brain. I can't get rid of them until they are good and ready. When they are,  they squawk like Valkyries and fly right out of my  meatus acusticus externus ( ear hole).

Here is one that I had a recurring dream about. It's a story that is presently hatching. 

Here is another. I don't know if dream tigers lay eggs. Sure, why not?

This guy is taking over my studio. He's everywhere! 

When these "chickens" do finally hatch, I become a busy den mother. It's now my job to keep them warm and feed them with a dropper. And lastly I need to find them all a nice home. 

Maybe some day they will come live in your bookshelf.  Do you have chickens that have come home to roost? Are they nice chickens?