Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Maximum Art

There is something compelling about art that sits down and makes itself at home. My friend, Max Grover, does art that puts its feet up and grabs the remote.

His artwork is slightly unhinged, and yet brilliant. For instance, he is the only artist I know who has painted a still life of a sink full of dirty dishes. He often paints
the occasional ode to vacuum cleaners.

Get a whiff of these labels
that Max did for Sue Ohlson, the owner and
Master Roaster at Sunrise Coffee Company Ltd. of Port Townsend, Washington. These labels are a perfect matching of concept, technique, color and client. It would be hard to imagine this town without Max's art. Paris has its E tower, NYC has the ESB, and Egypt has its pyramids. PT has MGA.

I don't know about you, but a good label grabs me. When I was in Russia (before capitalism) they had plain brown bags labeled in red Cyrillic block letters, SUGAR, or TEA, or COFFEE. That's it. Well, they soitenly didn't grab me.
But those were desperate times, and people were glad to get anything. How did I get here? Point is, art makes the world more beautiful. And funky. Funky is good.

If you are into great fresh roasted coffee visit: http://sunrisecoffee.net/

Visit Max's site: http://www.maxgrover.com/index.html

What I like best about Max is that he is himself,
and his art is great art. To say his art is funky, is getting warm, but I am not sure there are words to adequately describe this wrinkle in the space/time continuum.

Let the Maxmoblile take you for a ride. You will find a whole new way of looking at things like bathtubs, red cars, baseball and asphalt. And coffee.


Jennifer Mann said...

These are wonderful! Please say hi to Max and Sherry for me!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Thanks, Jennifer, will do.