Monday, October 26, 2009

Walk: Part II With Warning!

Who knew that caterpillars were romantics? See the heart hole in the leaf above?

Here are a few more pics from our one hour walk. One post could not contain all the wonders. Above is the entrance to our friend, Beth's garden. These bits of pottery came from a favorite remote beach. Junk Beach.

O.K. brace yourself. I must WARN you! If you keep reading you will see a possibly disturbing picture of rust. Turn back now if you can't handle the rude, relentless and indiscriminate determination of iron oxide.

If this were my mail box I would be dealing with some form of depression. But since it's not my mailbox, I find it exquisite. It makes me smile all over. Isn't it simply elegant? Go rust!

White ferns among the green. A very faerie thing.

I like lichen.

I think that this truck belongs to Guy Smiley from the Muppets (or it might belong to artist Steve Kennel...).

A wealth of gold coins for free. Makes me want to go for another walk.


Amanda said...

Beautiful photos once again, I actually think the rust is my favourite photo. Love that car too!

steven said...

wow richard what an eclectic and beautiful collection - rust? - ha! i love what rust can do to mine or other people's's a nice reminder of how temporary everything is. beth's garden entrance - well how beautiful is that!!!! have a peaceful day. steven

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Thank you, Amanda, I like the rust too. Art made by water, oxygen and time. And human neglect.

Thanks, Steven. Temporary is right. If I didn't keep an eye on things around our yard and house, it would all be re-claimed by the rain forest within months if not weeks.

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