Friday, January 8, 2010

Art Made From Plum Sweat

This is an orphan plum. We rescued it from a life of rot and splat. In Port Townsend there are gleaner freaks. Waste not, want not, you know.

Our daughter, Faith, came over to do a bit of canning a while ago, while we kept the grandkids busy. Since the windows all fogged up from the steam of canning, we discovered a new kind of "canvas" for making art. If I'm not mistaken, Michelangelo began the Sistine Chapel on his grama's window pane, while she canned plums. Or was it pears?

Faces from the foggy mists of the past.

Smiley faces. Point, move finger, and ta da! Art happens.

Careful...just so.

This picture tells
of fairies, and
ballerinas, and a kitty, no wait, that's a cloud with a rainbow. And those are birds and a
porcupine. And I'm flying so fast.


steven said...

i wish a fruitful, creative and happy new year for you richard!! i really enjoyed this set of images. the children i teach are older than those in your photographs but the innocent and largely unfiltered expressiveness with which they respond to the world is still very much there. have a lovely day. steven

Protege said...

Lovely, there is nothing like the imagination of a child. And an artists canvas comes in all shapes, sizes and forms as well.;) Cute kids.;) And I completely love the title of this post.;)
Have a great weekend,

Julia Kelly said...

You are the coolest Grandparents!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Oh my goodness. This just slays me! What beautiful photos.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Thank you Steven. I love the way you put that, "innocent and largely unfiltered expressiveness". I am always surprised by kids and their fresh take on each moment.

Zuzana, you are so right. The imagination of a child is pure, undiluted, and as refreshing spring water.

Thanks, Julia. I am grateful. Lots of smiles to go around.

Hey Jolie! Thanks. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. See you in Seattle.

Kathy De Wit said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Richard and your nice words. If there is some work that's exuberant then it must by yours! Just visited your website also...very stunning! For sure I come back to watch in detail!
And these pics of your grandchilds are marvellous also!
Have a wonderful 2010!!!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Kathy, I appreciate that. 2010 is going to be great! I look forward to seeing more of your work and thoughts as well. Peace.

Kat_RN said...

You have very lucky Grandchildren! I know just what that plum tastes like, my Mom had a tree with plums that looked just like it. Small and golden and oh so sweet. We called them "Honey plums".

Anonymous said...


Richard Jesse Watson said...

Thank you Kat. I am the lucky one. Thanks for the insight. "Honey plums". I did not know that. It fits, perfectly.

豆漿, thank you for visiting. My Chinese is not so good. I wish I could say in your language, that I am happy to be your friend.--Richard

stunted male said...

i used to scribble anything on glass windows as a child also.