Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Vacation~Old School

I love old photos because they teach us the art of "Old School". "Hey kids, feed the bears some raw meat while I try out this pin hole camera." On the right side of the picture, notice some "Old School" photo-shop tools: i.e. get out the Buck Knife and scratch out the riffraff.

I hope this summer you can get down and dirty with some bit of nature. Yesterday I was struggling with a creative Frankensteinish what-not, and I did not have the upper hand. So, we went for a walk. Even if you can't raft down the Grand Canyon, or climb a redwood, you can go for a summer evening walk. It will cure what ails ya. Guaranteed.

For instance, on the walk I saw a sun dog. A glowing patch of rainbow, (but not a rainbow) otherwise known as a parhelion. It was on the edge of a misty, glowing ring around the sun. When I see such flabbergasters I know that everything is going to be good. On this same walk, yellow birds, blackberries, two herons, plus I found a thingy on the ground which will go into one of my flying saucer models.

Are you having any Old School fun this summer?


Von said...

Always do and it's Winter here!

jesse joshua watson said...

saw that sundog while i was playing soccer. I called it a Feinbow.


steven said...

hey richard! i'm spending two or three hours every day on my bike. in my back pocket a little camera. when i see a patch of berries, a barn that says it's more than just a barn, a crow on a fencepost, or a nice shadow then i stop and click. otherwise i spend a lot of time watching the clouds. steven

Heather Powers said...

I've been gardening - a new hobby for me. So nice to see things green and growing and knowing you helped!

Zuzana said...

Beautiful post; I so know what you mean. Nature has that effect on me as well, no matter my state of mind, I need to just look at the trees outside my window or see the fiery sky as the sun is setting and I know miracles exist.
Have a continuous lovely summer with many such moments,

Julia Kelly said...

Jon taught me about Sun Dogs- when we were young and going on hikes, camping- yup goods things happen- we have been married twenty years now! Just taught me daugthers about Sun Dogs

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Von, I forget that your summer is our winter and visa versa. So you've found the ultimate solution: celebrate old school summer fun year round! Yeah!

Hi Jess, Feinbow? As in Richard Feynman, the physicist? Or as in, "My but that's a fine bow up there..."?

Steven, I often think of you peddling across Canada pondering the terrestrial and the celestial--don't crash your bike into a wallestial.

Hey Heather, we love gardening, but have been so busy that the only gardening we've done lately are sprouts in jars!

Zuzana, I wish many such moments for you as well this summer. So many miracles exist. Wonders abound to those who have eyes to see them. good old Albert says,

"Try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will find that, behind all the discernible concatenations, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion. To that extent I am, in point of fact, religious.

- Albert Einstein, Response to atheist, Alfred Kerr (1927), quoted in The Diary of a Cosmopolitan (1971)

Hi Julia, glad you are teaching your daughters about sun dogs. have you shown them moon dogs?

ruthie said...

richard, how funny, i saw a sun dog for the first time in forever last week! old school fun - rock pool hunting & beachcombing in the summer rain, lovely memories too!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

No way, Ruthie. I had not seen one in a very long time as well. Your beach walks sound terrific. Hope you have a great summer.