Wednesday, August 11, 2010


•my art for the 826LA art auction•
based on my eye witness account
of the Great Summer of 2010 Rampage

Some artists are "out there". Dan Santat is one of them. Like, Ooo~Whoo...! Last week Dan and I were doing portfolio consultations at the SCBWI writers' and illustrators' conference in LA. I learned that besides being Lord Vader's valet, Mr. Santat has some rather unsettling super powers. He can bend a palm tree by strumming his ukulele, and he can make art that bends the mind.

Yes, bends the actual mind. For some reason, a group of artists found his new book, OH NO! exciting and inspiring. It is a (soon to go viral) little picture book for warped children. The good kind of warped. He says that his book is a sort of homage to Japanese rampaging monster movies. But I promise, it is educational too. I actually own a copy of the book. I love it. My kids love it. My grand kids love it. Maybe love isn't the right word. We eat it. We gnaw on it. We run screaming down the street with it. Yeah, that's better.

You can bid on and own a piece of the art that has been made (as a spin off from OH NO!) for the fundraiser. Proceeds go to 826LA which is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 8-12 with their creative and expository writing skills, and helping teachers inspire their students to write.

I don't think it's a problem if an artist has a few screws loose. It all depends on which screws.

Check out Dan's site and check out THE AUCTION here: Eye Witness Reports There are some seriously stellar artists who have joined the fray. First EBAY auction online August 23-27


Von said...

Thought it was an essential requirement!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Ha! You are so right, Von. Odd may be odd to those who are not odd, but to the odd the odd is not odd.

Robin Weiss said...

I have a special affectation for warped artists. I somehow seem to be able to relate, which is why I love your artwork Richard and must have a copy of "Oh No" for my grandson!

Sounds like you had a great workshop! Glad to hear that hard cover publishing is not dead!

Hope to see you at "Arts in The Woods"?

Lisa M Griffin said...

Very cool. Great dynamic and fascinating color. And I agree, many a creative individual may experience some loose screws... you only have to worry when they fall out. ;)

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Robin, I also have a special affection for "out-there" artists. And yes, do get a copy of 'Oh No!", it is so cool.

Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting. I love your web site and art. I agree, it is only a problem "when they fall out". Ha! Maybe that explains the screws and marbles on my pillow in the morning. Hmmm...