Wednesday, July 13, 2011


BE HONEST. Don't you just want to kiss that sweet mug? Such sincerity. Such give and take. Such je ne sais quoi.  I think he looks like George Clooney. Matter of fact, George has one these hoofers in his actual mansion. No lie.  Hey, maybe this is George's pot belly pig! Must have knocked over that Ming vase. Or eaten the Hope diamond. No worries. Wait a day or two, take it out and hose it off. Good as new.

See how happy he is. He might be a she.  I didn't really check. But I did get to do a book signing as part of the fund raiser at the Center Valley Animal Rescue in Quilcene, Washington.

This place is amazing. They take pets that have conquered their not-too-bright owners, or animals that need help. It is a no kill shelter for iguanas, llamas, parrots, ferrets, emus, turtles, goats, horses, chickens, rabbits, sheep, cats, dogs, piggy wiggies, and even hermit crabs. What?

I love these guys. Look at this gorgeousness! Oh, my gosh, I am currently working on a  prehistoric picture book character, and hello!! Anybody home?  I could really use this animal in my studio. Course, I'd have to keep it at 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity. But they eat salad, not grandkids. So I'm really close on this one. Did I mention that these are five feet long?

This parrot is smarter than you are. Deal with it. They talk. Like several languages, including pirate talk. 

Rooms full of cats. Little kitties. Old cats who will live out there lives in comfort.  Millions and millions of cats. ( Zounds! There's an idea for a children's book. { :>)

Director, Sara Penhallegon, wrangles the coolest volunteers you can imagine to care for more animals than you can imagine. What a place!  Animals are available for adoption. Drop by for a visit, and a brain cleansing. Seriously, it will inspire. I was quite moved.  See their site:

Cute butt, or what?

Special thanks to Candy Raab for one of her famous pies. We're talking pie so good that you loose your sense of time/space.  Sear. Ee. Us. Lee.


TaraLarsenChang said...

I didn't know that place existed! Sounds amazing. (And what a number of pot-bellied pigs they have up for adoption!)

Faith Pray said...

What? No pictures of the pie? I love that you've returned your inner zoo to its roots. Snoik! Snoik! Snoik! (That's the parrot, translating to potbellied pig language). I love the mission. Thanks for sharing about it!

steven said...

richard i am constantly astonished and excited by the skins and feather and bodies of animals. look at the side of that big lizard's face. wow!! i'm also really glad that more and more are being taken care of after they've reached that point in their lives when they are unwelcome, unwanted or whatever other reason brings them to the possibility of an untimely end!!! steven

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Tara,such a cool place! I was good friends a pot bellied pig. Smart as a Yale commencement speaker too. He out witted me on many occasions.

Yes Faith, I ate the whole pie. With a fork in each hand!

Steven, I know what you mean. the textures of fur and animal skins or hides is amazing. Form follows function, true, but what follows coolness?