Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Poetry

There is a tree that likes to sprout and grow from a well composted life. I have never claimed to be a poet. Come to think of it, I have never claimed to be a human. If I did...I AM HUMAN!!... you might have second thoughts. So the claim department is closed today. Nevertheless, here is one.

The Poetry

You wander
Longing for the shade
Kicking dirt-clods
That both wet and dry
Have made.

Your tree
Will not appear
Unless both wet and dry
Have molded, squeezed and baked
You dear.

Yes, you, clod
Kicked along the path
Pounded, trod on, smashed
To dust, then formed again
By tears, or fears, or bliss, or wrath.

You sigh...
You murmur, you moan, you curse
You have no choice, really
But to find the words
And rant for better or worse.

You roll your eyes,
Such bare-assed honesty
Happens in spite of you
In the dirt at the base
Of your poet tree.


Another Poet Tree, this one wrapped in bacon, I mean a mystery, which hails from the Scottish Poetry Library:


Elisabeth said...

Hi Richard, I'm here through Zuzana and I'm very taken with your profile and philosophy on life. Oh to be able to live in such richness.

storyqueen said...

I love your poet tree. I think I am going to have my students attempt something like this.

It is always lovely to visit a blog and leave inspired.


steven said...

"bare-assed honesty happens in spite of you". i'm glad to hear someone so talented and insightful acknowledge that sweet truth! steven

Faith Pray said...

"only God can make a tree.."
Lovely pictures, lovely words. This is good. I want to take your tree art and play poetry speed scrabble with it:

Think how
at midnight,
if you are free,
if you express freely,
if you think what burning power is in fuel
in your world, the passion of discipline, (if there is such a thing),
how can you not be welcome to it,
be all places or few places,
be fire cultivating the flow of love
be the passion, the inspiration, the idea that you can be the change you are looking for in your world

Zuzana said...

Beautiful sentiments dear Richard, I guess we were on the same page recently in regards to trees.;)
I never heard of the book you mentioned in your comment at my place, but I sure will look for it.;))
Nice to see you around again.;))

Kat_RN said...

I like it. I'm not much of a poet, but I do enjoy a good turn of phrase.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Hi Elizabeth. Nice to "meet" you. Thanks for those kind words. I wish you warm breezes.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Storyqueen, that's a great idea to do this with your students. I'm sure they will surprise you with their spontaneous take on it.

Steven, q:>)

Faithy, be the hat.

Thanks, Zuzana. Here's to trees, may they take over the world!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Au contraire, Kat. You express poetry with your words and pictures all the time.

Amy Baskin said...

I love this post. I love all your posts, and I've been thinking so much about the ideas you expressed in your session at KidlitCon, Richard. Thanks for the brain food!

Debbie Ridpath Ohi said...

Love your poet tree.

And belated thanks for your amazing session at the SCBWI Illustrator's Intensive in LA. I posted about it here:

I've worked only digitally up to now (and have no art training), but you've inspired me to experiment with non-digital media.

What I loved most about your demo session: how much fun you have with your art, and your freedom & willingness to experiment.



Richard Jesse Watson said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks. Means a lot. Especially this week. Wrestling match with story and art. Score: Story 9, RJW 1....Art 11, RJW 2. Wait, does that make sense. Speaking of brain food, I need some stat. Mine's not working. Has anybody got any celery?

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Hey Debbie, I sure appreciate your kind words. I'm always thrilled to see what you are working on. Such great stuff. Stuff? Whaddya talkin' about? Do you think she's a pillow manufacturer? Sorry, Debbie, I mean your illustrations and ideas.

Hope you make great discoveries in your creative explorations.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

That's a GREAT idea and I really like your poem, especially the lines..

'You have no choice, really
But to find the words
And rant for better or worse.'

Sometimes life and poetry grabs you and shakes the dice so that from nothing something else is formed.

Wonderful to follow the link and find such wondrous treasures!! Wow! Talent and mystery and beauty in abundance, thank you so much for the directions.

Happy week-end to you.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Thank you Jane. Poetry does grab one. I am so often surprised that words can do those things. I like your reminder that "each gate squeaks to remind us of the other hands that have pushed it..." Enjoy the mellow days of fall.

Kat_RN said...

What a lovely compliment! Thank you!