Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Mysterious Whereabouts of Ben Watson, Former Blogger

Have you seen this person? Ben Watson used to wield a pretty snappy blog keyboard, but alas, he has vanished Into Thin Air (which I am currently reading-great book-in fact Nancy Pearl says it is a practically perfect book), but I digress...

There are rumors as to his whereabouts: a bar maid said she heard he was mowing lawns in Portugal.

Authorities decline to comment on his role as an undercover writer.

Extreme rock climbers swear that they passed him on the Hilary Step at the summit of Everest. This is unlikely as Canadian coffee baristas all agree that he could never make it that long without his double talls.

While we wait for news, I thought I'd show you some of his earlier work. The pink thing (above) was his very first bound book. This was the scene with all the firefighters. I thought he showed great character development, pacing, and pretty colors.

This rabbit is one of his character-driven stories. It reminds me of Edvard Munch's Scream. Or it could be the Easter Bunny.

Here Ben was exploring nonfiction. See the bird?

This character is a knight with a glowing sword. Perhaps a light saber.

In this scene, Ben has drawn himself ensconced in his snow fort. Snowballs are flying. As I remember he operated with a hair trigger aiming to destroy anything that moved.

Portrait of the artist/writer's mother. Title? Mommy.

This was a Happy Hanukkah card for his mother. Funny, I didn't realize he had converted. Are those cool flames, or what?

This piece speaks for itself.

Well, friends, keep looking. Ben's out there somewhere. He might even be writing. Which would be weird, since he sure hasn't used the old bloggy light saber in, like, forever...


storyqueen said...

I was wondering where Ben was....I heard there was a Ben sighting in the Sierra Nevadas back in September...and then there were reports of him singing karaoke in a bar in Morocco. .....

Inquiring minds want to know!

Donde esta Ben????


BJW said...

I heard he was lying in a gutter in Tijuana. But that rumor was unsubstantiated. Other sightings include Krispy Kreme establishments seconds after a Hot Now neon light was activated and the other was glued in front of the Seahawks (alas not a pretty game for Hawk fans), these rumors are also unsubstantiated but much more likely.

From a reliable source, I actually heard that he was gearing up for a big blog announcement. Stay tuned.

PS secret word verification is comend. I think Martha B would have refused to have confirmed that one.

Kjersten said...

Love the art! Look forward to the announcement, Ben!

Martha Brockenbrough said...

I saw Ben! He was wearing a ninja suit. I can't say where I saw him, though, or he'd have to kill me. Should we tell Ben that ninja suits work better in black than in lavendar?

MollyMom103 said...

My husband says that Ben was actually found in that balloon that looked like a UFO that floated over Colorado. Some believe that Ben's involvement in the incident has been covered up by the government.

On the other hand, I'm sure I saw Ben in Hawaii a few weeks ago munching a Haupia pie. I was going to ask what he was doing there but he paddled out on surf board. The last thing I saw was him being wiped out by a monster wave. I know it was Ben: lavendar board, lavendar shorts, and that lavendar Zinka sunblock. I agree with others that he should really rethink his penchant for lavendar coordinates.

Love the art.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Shelley, the Moroccon connection may be true. I know Ben likes Kababs and eating with his hands. Hmmm....

Ben, what a surprise. Were you going for the Guinness book of Records for longest bathtub writing stint? Or just going for the Guinness? I noticed that you have returned to Bloggiopia, welcome back. And you know I am thrilled out of my gills about the news. Luv you.

Hi Kjersten, I love the art too. children's art has a purity and exuberance that makes it some of the best art anywhere.

Martha, Ben and I discussed this in a cave over green tea. He knows that he should only don the lavendar ninja outfit when he is in Sequim during the festival. I guess the apparel part of his Tibetan Zen martial arts training came from his sensei, Chris Farley, who, as I'm sure you know, was a master of interior decorating and camouflage. Still, I think some one should tell him black is more versatile.

Molly, now that you mention it, Ben does have a thing for balloons. The lavendar sun block makes a lot of sense, after all he has been living in Canada...