Sunday, March 8, 2009


February was packed with lots of school visits. I presented programs at ten Spokane Valley Elementary Schools. Monday I spent the day at Greenacres
Elementary. On Tuesday I was off to Chester Elementary. Tuesday night all of the wonderful librarians took me out for a yumskious dinner.

Wednesday I galloped off to Ponderosa Elementary. Thursday I hung out with the great students at McDonald Elementary. And Friday I got smarter at University Elementary.

On the weekend I did a little presentation and book signing at Barnes and Noble. While I was signing books near the entrance of the store, I kept hearing a weird “SNORT, SNORT, SNORT”, and I thought, poor kid must have bad asthma or something. So I’m signing away and ten minutes later I hear “GRUNT, GRUNT, SKORKLE, SNORT”, and I think, yipes! Get that kid a Kleenex…and around the corner, inside the store walks a pig. No kidding a real pig who was walking around like he owned the place. Maybe he did own the place. Some lady was walking her pig in the Spokane Barnes and Noble. I got his autograph.

So then Monday took me to Liberty Lake Elementary. Tuesday at sunrise I showed up bright and early for Sunrise Elementary. Wednesday I made progress at Progress Elementary, And Thursday I had a super time at Adams Elementary. On Friday I enjoyed South Pines Elementary.

All of the librarians, teachers, principals, secretaries, and parent helpers were TRES FAB! A
nd the students were completely delightful. I had such a good time at each school. Thank you, thank you!

I absolutley loved the artwork that the Spokane Valley kids did based on the illustrations from my books! I wish I could post them all. More of their artwork to come...

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