Friday, June 5, 2009

Art Angels and Positive Ions

Sometimes a warm breeze blows through your life from out of the blue. I had just such a breeze that brought six lovely and talented artists into our home and studio. This was a gift on many levels. As an artist in my cave, I am so busy hacking away on mastodon bones and grinding acorns that I forget the joys and struggles of the rest of the artistic clan.

These gals brought fresh ideas and encouragement. Look at this remarkable card they sent after our visit together, made up of their sizzling (and even some original!) art and sentiments.

This networking of other "fire folk" is essential and fuels the creative plasma of the soul.
Plasma being made of positive ions, free electrons, charged particles, which is exactly what they all brought. Thank you Kathleen Kemly, Gudrun Ongman, Susan Summit Cyr, Martha Hill, Jo Gershman, and Tara Larsen Chang, for your thoughtful expressions of friendship.

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