Saturday, June 27, 2009

Feeding the Volcano

It is probably the same for linear people, bless em... actually I have no idea. But for me anyway, I need ebb and flow to do my best creative work. I am about to begin the final painting phase of my next book, and I will be in an all consuming state of dream-walking, brush strokes, gum turpentine, and the interplay of light and dark.

When I am in this zone, I am in a bit of a social torpor. I don't think I drool, but I do look through people. I study their anatomy rather than listen to what they are saying. I imagine them in various poses in my book while saying, "Oh yeah? That's really interesting...".

In between creative eruptions, the volcano needs to eat. So I graze with Father Time and the Earth Shapers: Wind, Water, Tide, Fire... I dance with the dryads, and fly with Icarus ("Hey, Ic, maybe not so high, how about over here instead...").

Dryad (sweet Susi) and Father Time's brother ( Father Timeless a.k.a. Larry) in Balancing Land.

My grandson, Fin, and buddy Larry, warming their backs on the sand at Fort Flagler. Fin said, "If you put a rock on your stomach, it will hold you down."

That makes sense. When you are feeding your volcano, if you are not grounded, you might just float away.


MollyMom103 said...

Love, love, love this post. Thank you. :) Molly

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Thanks, Molly. You are always such a great encourager.

tlc illustration said...

Heh - I love this (I need more rocks on my stomach apparently!!). Kids are so great.

And balancing rocks is one of my favorite things to do/see. I have pictures of myriads of stacks we made off the coast of Maine at a family reunion awhile back. One of my clearest memories of the trip...

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Tara, I would love to see those pics. Rocks have a mind of their own, don't they? Yet there is something so soothing about balancing and stacking rocks.