Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dog Gone

Yes, I like lattes. But only if they are well made. In Port Townsend, there are some great espresso spots. Particularly the hole-in-the-wall spot uptown. Oh, man, those are make-you-drive-out-of-the-way-good.

My dog, Bubba, was the model for this piece of art. He recently passed away, and I miss him. When he was born, he had about ten brothers and sisters. They would all frolick out on the back porch trying to tear each other's ears off and chew the deck to pieces. But Bubba would come to the window and stand on his back legs to look in at the people. Well, that worked. We chose him and sent the others packing.

Not only was he a good barista, he was a good artist's model. He was a great squirrel hunter, tree bark stripper, stick chaser, car chaser, cat comforter (oddly enough), beach bum, and loyal friend. Make that a double please...