Sunday, August 30, 2009

Young Potentates

"Don't dig me up!" said one of my potatoes today. "Just walk away, leave me in the dirt. Ain't nothin' goin' on here. Just chillin' with me mates, and the others in the root clan. You know, carrots, beets, onions."

Well, potatoes are down-to-earth and usually pretty well grounded. But the guy above looked suspicious to me, and he was arming the earthworms with little blunderbusses. So I dug him up and made hash browns out of him. And ate him.

Most tubers as you know get light headed when you dig them up. "Hey, look at me I'm a French Fry, I feel so thin and by the way, where's my skin?" Others just hum, "Mash me, mush me, butter me up."

I do know two tater tots however, who are on the cutting edge of coolness. These two young potentates more or less rule the western hemisphere. Not only are they brilliant, they are cute and seriously well read. Check out their review of Ben's and my newest book, The Boy Who Went Ape. Three cheers for the Talking Potatoes!


jesse joshua watson said...

love love love love love love love.
That is how much I love that!
Cute Potatoes!

BJW said...

Cool po-tate-oe at the top of the page pops. Looks awesome. Or was it a self-portrait? Didn't realize your were sporting an eye patch now.

The Talking Potatoes are proof that starch is IN. All the rave in fall-fashions now. What a cool duo.

Nice post Dad. Loved it.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

No, it wasn't a self portrait, I'm in the fruit bin. But I am starching all my shirts from now on. And my socks.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

I agree Jesse, those Talking Potatoes are cute as a cucumber and smart as sassafras.

Martha Brockenbrough said...

The Talking Potatoes are such huge fans of the Watson family... and so is their mom. You guys are a giant inspiration to us all.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Thanks, Martha. We sure appreciate your beautiful and talented "fam". Your kiddos will have such a deep connection with good books thanks to their fun and insightful parents.

Mary said...

The Talking Potatoes are adorable!!!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Yes, Mary, aren't they the best?