Monday, November 9, 2009

My Abstractlettes Go Out Into the Real World

Feelin' Groovy

Here are a few more samples of my art which I am exhibiting this weekend in Poulsbo, Washington, at the Knowles Studio. Drop by if you want an Art-in-the-Woods getaway.

Wonderful friends and visitors,
meet Cherubio (right). Cherubio,
meet some cool people. Where? They're right out there.
Just look...

This next one I call Escabeche, because I have a lot of fond memories of time spent in Mexico.

And my favorite quick meal is soft corn tortillas heated in an iron skillet, with "whatever" folded inside. Preferably fish (pescado blanco), cheeze, sprouts, tomato, avocado,
with squeeze of lime, and something hot like cauliflower and carrots
pickeled in olive oil and serrano peppers. Or, for
clear-your-head hot sauce: my son, Jesse
makes a Habanero sauce that's a nice, slow, good burn.

I call this one Albert.

Go For It (on the left) almost got away from me. I used Sumi ink on a surface with an unwitting resist. The ink would'nt do what it was told. I tossed it in with the other art on probation.

Every month or two, I would pull it out and glare at it. And then, one day I focused on the negative space and all at once it brought out the calligraphic "flaire that was there".

I am Dreaming of You. Quiet. Comfy.
I enjoy a snug gathering
of color and shape.

Most of these are quite small and inexpensive and hence I sell a lot of them. But they are, never-the-less, labors of love. And as I have mentioned in earlier posts, it is healing for me to paint them. I like what Tara commented on the last post, "play without any representational outcome required".

Dazzle Day


Protege said...

So many colours! Such beautiful shapes... I get a feeling of wellness when I look at these paintings.
My favorite is the absolutely last one. There is something about the combination of shape end colour that is very appealing. Calming. It contains the colours of autumn; rich and vibrant and earthy...

Thank you very much for stopping by my place and taking the time to read my post, I truly appreciate it and your kind words.

Kat_RN said...

If you keep this up, I might learn to appriciate abstracts. Not usually my thing, but there is something compelling in a couple of these.
I think the fact that you love what you do shows. Thanks for sharing them,

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Thanks, Zuzanna. I was enthralled by your blog, and by your sentiments, and that your grandfather was there. Thank you for stopping by.

Thanks, Kat. I guess there are abstracts and abstracts. I am glad that you are willing to give mine a look.