Monday, November 16, 2009

Whether the Weather Will Wither Me Mither

I find myself speaking in rhyming couplets that don't rhyme or couple. My thoughts huddle like sheep while the storm slaps the house with rain.

Dollopy, dollopy,
Wap, wop, wap, wop,
Blip blip, drip drip,
Blapitty, splapitty,
Pitter, patter,
Splitter, splatter,
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
No...that doesn't work. At all.
The rain really wrecked the roses,
"It's not one of my favorite things,"
Said the cat, twitching her tail,
And turning her face again to the fire.
Hold fast, Richard,
Winter in the Northwest,
Has only just begun.
(Involuntary shudder).


Karin Corbin said...

my cats don't like it either, it interferes with bird watching

Protege said...

Ah, I dislike the rain. And we have had three weeks of it now, with barely any sun at all...

Robin Weiss said...

Wow Richard......sorry for your leaky roof...=/....Jim told me about it......BM's right,. winter's gonna last forever.....sorry.....

Hey man!....It was great peddeling pictures with you at ATIW!...and I never thanked Soozi for bringing the delicious banana bread.....Yum!...=]Thanks Soooooooozi!

I love your blog! I will link you to mine forthwith.....Your abstracts......well, they're fantastic!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Karin,my cats would use binoculars, if they could,to watch birds, and yes, the rain annoys them as well.

Zuzana, you sound like a sun person. I know that I need to go with the flow weather-wise, and usually do. But extended sloshy weather makes me fidgity.

Hi Robin. Thanks for dropping by. I sure enjoyed hanging out. I am lovin' your art so much. Look forward to doing some plein air with you.

ruthie said...

love that film! cold & grey is what we got, but hey its a fab excuse to light the fire & paint!!! over and over ;-)

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Me too, Ruthie. I quote GHD more than Shakespeare. Yes, cold weather brings hobbits inside, and it is a good excuse to get toasty and paint.

Miss jane said...


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