Monday, November 30, 2009

Wet Fire Hydrants, Dry Wit

There are basically two reasons for a wet fire hydrant. O.K., I suppose a grasshopper could walk up to one and lift his leg. But you all know what I mean. This huge dog can never be accused of hydrant hosing. He is a gentleman and a scholar.

Every time I come to the Tacoma Art Museum, I sit down with LeRoy to compare notes and swap stories. He is a good listener with a dry wit and a wet nose.

Sunday, I had a book signing at this very museum. I heard that some folks were there early waiting for me and gave up. I am really sorry that I missed you. Call me or e-mail, I'm happy to mail you signed and personalized books.

This delightful sculpture is called LeRoy, the Big Pup, created by sculptor, Scott Fife, born in Moscow, Idaho--1949. Medium: archival cardboard, carpenter's glue, drywall screws.

So, if you need a confidant or someone to tell your troubles to; go see LeRoy. Swap your best hydrant stories.


steven said...

hey richard! i'd like him (leroy!) standing at the door when i came in . . . .that'd be amazing! have a super day. steven

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Stephen, I would like that too. I once made a seven foot tall papier maché gorilla. Kept away burglars. Honest.